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June 23, 2008


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Section A - Jubilations

A1) What programs do you use to draw?
Recently, I've been using SAI paint tool. And pretty much just that.

A2) What kind of Tablet do you use?
Wacom Intuos3, 5x4

A3) Did you go to art schools or are you self-taught?
Self-taught. No art schools or art careers.

A4) Do you rp?
Basically never.

A5) Do you have any tips/advice on drawing?
I know you're probably hoping I don't say it but it's absolutely true.
Practice makes perfect.
It's not just a phrase to brush you off. Every part of it is true. Now by practice I mean trying new things, different techniques each time you draw.
You can draw as much as you like but if you're not trying to expand you won't go anywhere. It's going to sound like a hassle and that's because it is, just like anything else that you're trying to perfect. It's never as simple as it sounds. If you truly want to grow artistically you have to work on it diligently.
I can't tell you 'how'.. because it's different for everyone. I'm also not a teacher; I don't know how to go about that. xD
But yeah, I guess the highlight of all that was you have to try something new.  I get a lot of people asking me as if I hold all the answers when I myself am still striving to enhance my work. I see plenty wrong with it and I have plenty trouble with a lot of things too. I also haven't had any schooling, so I could be doing things wrong.
What I CAN tell you is how I got to where I am artistically today. My story. And by that I don't mean for you to do the same thing. EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT! This is just to give you insight about what I mean by expanding.

Firstly I got out of anime. I was growing out of the phase as well as noticing things about the style I didn't like or care for when drawing. ((THIS DOES NOT MEAN IT'S BAD! It wasn't what /I/ personally wanted to stay in. You can still draw within this style, don't listen to anyone when they say you got to stop drawing in this style. Try new things, expand, learn. Don't keep yourself closed off though. Remember there are plenty of inspiring and fantastic anime artists just as there is any other styled artist!)) I then went back to watching well made Western animated movies (Disney, Dreamworks, DonBluth etc.) because they filled in those things I didn't like about anime. I started drawing a bit differently, but not entirely.
And this was where Kingdom Hearts caught my Disney obsession. I didn't want to touch it during the first game because I still saw ANIME. But by the second game I thought I'd give it a chance and then became hooked. I wanted to draw the characters but I wanted it to have a DISNEY touch and not so anime. In trying to do this I broke out of the residing anime style I was in and went more Disney. I then got out of Kingdom Hearts and started leaning away from Disney/Dreamworks/Bluth films. Just a bit – then started appreciating other types of western styles.  And that's where I am now. I don't know what'll come next but that's what makes it fun.

A lot have asked about my anatomy knowledge. STILL WORKING ON IT. But references. I've looked so many anatomy books and online for muscle charts and such.
Study anatomy. ( Like so->… Also there is a dA collection of anatomy and figure drawings. Really good stufffff! --->… )
Drawings and actual real life until you can imagine the bone structure and muscles. Like if you're watching a movie watch muscle movements if showing. Postures. Like necks, shoulders, hands and stuff, watch how they move.
When I say study I mean find good pictures showing muscle figures and try drawing it. Disney's Tarzan is a really good animated film and has beautiful anatomy. They had anatomy specialist come into their studio while making it to teach and correct them. You can see the muscles while he moves and how they move. It's a really good reference.

So there would be some advice.

A quick run through:
    - Practice expanding ( trying new things and practice them) - Find what makes you comfortable ( just because you like your favorite artist's style doesn't mean it's for you ) - Draw from references to give you a better understanding on placement and mobility - HAVE FUN!

A6) Do you want to be friends?
…That's kinda.. earned, you know? Friendship is earned… yeah. Uh. IT'S A PROCESS. And I'm pretty reserved and bashful too. It.. doesn't help.
…….If you have to ask, then it's most likely a no..

A7) Do you take commissions/trades/requests?
I will always have that info in every journal entry. Like at the bottom of this entry. But I'll say this now. Requests. Neverrrrr.  And trades are usually with friends.

A8) Tutorials?
Euuuhh.. well.. I don't feel I should. Since. I do so many things wrong. I wouldn't wanna be like THIS IS HOW YOU DO IT aand find out like.. a few months later how completely wrong I was.
I do that a lot.
So. You know. Not a pro. Not a good teacher. So I shouldn't teach. But maybe someday. 8)

A9) When ARE you going to take commissions and trades?
I dunno.

A10) Why don't you do comics as much as you used to?
Don't have the time or drive anymore. I think everything I do is dumb. I don't have patience. Got other stuff to do. So many reasons.

A11) How come you don't do Organization XIII stuff anymore?
Sadly. I don't care for it as much as I used to anymore. I was when it was this cool new thing. Which it isn't anymore. Just a whole bunch of extensions now.

A12) I need some help with my Kingdom Hearts Nobody OC. Help?
Um.. well, I don't really get why people ask me to help them with there Nobody oc so much. I didn't start the trend or nothing. If anything I'll help you with the name. Scrambling it for a name. A lot of people have trouble with that but I find it fun. Other than that it's all really up to you.

A13) When did you start drawing?
About 3 years old. Drew on every paper that happened by me while pen/pencil present and all over walls. Most turning out like.. snake/dragon/dogs… mmyep. One of my older sisters started me on drawing.
I was drawing just animals, all the way up to 12 years of aggge. Then my cousin showed me anime. I grew out of it. …most of it… and started rewatching Disney films and other well animated movies/shorts/shows and found it fun.

A14) Can I have your e-mail, skype, instant messanger, etc?
I'd rather not give it out. I rarely even get on those myself if ever.

A15) When are you going to write again?
When and if I write, it's a rarity in itself. Chances of me doing it again would be nothing short of a miracle.
And seriously, it's not that good anyhow!

A16) Go look at my gallery and comment please?
Err… No? I always found this kinda rude.. When I have the time or am interested I do it on my own anyways.. I'd rather not be told to.

A17) It's my (friend's) birthday/(any other event). Can you draw something for me/him/her?

A18) How do you get your ideas?
…Usually get lost in thought and they happen?

A19) Why is it that about 70% of your stuff rauchy/slutty/dirty?
…It isn't that much anymore is it? Just one particular character.
I'm sorry for all that previous stuff though. But I find it funny.
My art. MY funny.

A20) Hey! I have some ideas for you to draw—

Even if it's a great idea I won't. I don't like using other people's ideas even with permission.

A21) I like girls. Draw more of them.
Well I like guys more. So I'll draw them.


:new:A23) When you put up sketch dumps, are they pictures you did individually that you put together on the same file? Or do you just draw things spontaneously on a blank canvas in a drawing program?
I draw them (mostly) separately then I go and move them all onto one file.

:new:A24) I made a pendeogan! Here let me show you!
Okay yes, I created the pendeogen concept. But I'm sorry to say I am not interested in seeing every single one you make. I'm glad you like the concept so much as to make your own character through it.. But there are over 600 pendeogen characters created by people here on dA. I do not want to be sent every single one of those characters.

:new:A25) How or what would you call your drawing style?
I honestly don't know. I leave it up to interpretation. Most people say it's pretty Disney. They also say a lot of other stuff but that's what I hear the most.

:new:A26) Do you plan on going into a career in art?
I'm really surprised at how often I get this question. Probably the top 3 most popular questions I get.
I honestly don't know. I don't totally plan on it though. I'd like something more stable. And I really only like doing my artwork as a hobby. I am legitimacy happy with doing what I'm doing with it now. But apparently people think I'm being wasteful.
Growing up, people seeing me draw would always say "I bet you want artist when you grow up!" and I'd be confused. Because to me I was just drawing. I'd respond by saying something like "No, I want to work with animals." And they give me a funny look like a just said something really dumb. I stopped responding that way and instead replied with a shrug.
What's wrong with drawing freely and putting it up so others can enjoy it? I like that my drawings make people happy.

I thought about going to college for my artwork. Learn some more stuff, improve. Maybe I'll feel differently then. But right now I'm happy.

FAQs continued…
Section B - Jubilants

B1) Why the "Jubilants"?
…I dunno. Cos it's what people were calling them? Also.. Jubilant gang.. Jubilant crew.. and.. others…
If you have BETTER suggestions I'd like to HEAR it.
And be srsface, guys.

B2) I don't like Dezzi with others! When is he and Token gonna hook up?
…….DEZZI IS A WHORRREEE. You know. The whole, sex addict deal? Token isn't very fond of it. And certainly doesn't want to be apart of it. So them hooking up isn't very close in the near future. Though Dezzi, of course, thinks otherwise.

B3) Why don't they have backgrounds?
….Well.. I'm actually working on it. They WERE gonna just, you know.. BE THERE. Buttt noooooo. You guys just had to keep.. persisting.. THANKS A LOT GUYYSSSS.
When and if they are publictisizeddd is unknown.

B4) How did Tonks die?
That would be one of those unknown until announced/shown things.. So you just keep… pondering amongst yourselves until then.

B5) What's under Dezzi's hat?
Hair. 8)

B6) Can I borrow your characters?
You suuurre CAN. I'd love if you did. 8)
Honestly, I don't mind if you just go ahead and do it. No need to ask me. I know other artist insist you ask first…
But yes. You may. Just credit it and we're solid.

B7) Why is Roxy always MIA? You should draw her more.
But yeah, I've been noticing that. I'll try my DARNDEST!

B8) What about your other characters? Like Brad, Rooster, Cale..?
They're Misc. characters. They DON'T MATTER— No they just aren't in the midst of things. Sideline characters is what THEY are!

B9) ….may I draw/write your characters paired with each other? Like… uncanon?

I find it entertaining.

B10) …can I pair them with my characters?
I only pair my characters with friend's charries. And that's only sometimes. There are some cases I let people "play" with Dezzi... cos he likes to "PLAY". I don't exactly find it tasteful with my other characters but fanart is fanart?

B11) Well if Tonks and Ace ain't GAY together then why did you suggest it in that one comic?
Shits and giggles. Really, that's all.

B12) Can I marry Dezzi??????
Seeing as he's a fictional character of my own making, no. Even if there was a way, um, no?

13) Oh.. well then, can I marry you????????
Hope you're cool with polygamy.
I'll pencil you in.

B14) Do people actually ask you these questions?
oh yeah.

Anymore questions? COMMENT BELOW.


Requests: I don't.

Trades: If I'm able, I normally ask.

Commissions: Not as of yet.



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Hi, I am a fan of your work, and Im in the way of being better, also, you are a great inspirtation, by the way. dO YOU MAKE LIVESTREAMS? (Sorry for the crappy English, XD)
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Hey, I do a lot of RPing on tumblr and recently noticed this person RPing as your character I wasn't sure if you knew or were okay with it so I thought I'd drop this in. Hope I'm not being a bother!
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I didn't. That's pretty neat!
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I'm not entirely set on all their dates just yet.
Fuzzykitten628 Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Okay. Can you please get back to me when you do? :3 I wanna make them birthday cake (drawings)~
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Haha sure!
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